Spice Diana on why she fought with security in Jinja


Spice Diana last weekend got in a heated row with security officials at Bugembe stadium during the Ekikudhuko concert.

While here, Spice Diana demanded that the revellers come closer to the stage a thing that security opposed.

She kept on calling them and even incited them to come closer.

This ended up resulting into chaos and fans broke onto stage and Spice almost got hurt.

During an interview with a local radio station, Spice Diana said that there was no point of locking fans into cages yet they had paid their money to watch her.

She therefore had to fight for them and she’s glad she did it.

“They paid 10K to watch me. Why to keep them behind the cages?” she wondered.
“I will always fight for my fans,” she added

Security on the other hand said they were doing this for her safety.

A number of female performers have been assaulted sexually by fans.

These got to a point of demanding barricades to be put around the stage to bar fans from getting into close proximity with artists.

Spice is one of those who has ever been sexually assaulted by fans and almost got chewed in Jinja by a fan on stage in 2018.

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