Spice Diana confesses to having f**ked in a car (Watch video)

The beautiful and sexy singer Spice Diana has given some amazing confession that you will find on the internet today.

While appearing in a podcast with radio personalities Doreen Nasasira and Bina Baibe, the Body singer confessed how she one time f**ked in car.

This was after Doreen asked her the weirdest place she’s ever had s3x from. The Source Management singer said that it was in the car.

Not clear with who though but she said that it was so sweet. Dembe FM presenter Bina Baibe asked whether it was convenient and actually top class because she would love to try it but her size is a bit bigger.

Spice Diana told her that for the sweet things, one will always find a way to improvise. Bina Baibe also revealed her weirdest place and this was indeed weird.

She said that it was at UMA showgrounds and out in the open. She added that she was so high before she got pinned on the wall. It was only after getting the big O that she realized people were passing by.

For Doreen, it was actually in a pit latrine.

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