Spice Diana to Become an Opportunist

The “Anti Kale” hit maker Diana Namukwaya  alias Spice Diana cannot shrink in Uganda audience as a result of what she called a slight mistake she made last week while on Spark and NTV during “Mwasuze Mutya”  about her s6 results.

Spice Diana is soon to turn into an opportunist in the situation basing on the massive following she has gained in this shortest period, saying is going to setup a boutique and call 32 spice boutique.

                                            Spice Diana in leisure time

However most of her fans welcome her idea hoping to boost her moral among the Ugandans saying that if prominent figures in the country can go out of their minds and make mistakes like nothing how about this young girl?

Such situations has ever happened in Uganda on different celebrities like Desire Luzinda when her nudes were leaked by her Nigerian fiancé which she turned into a blessing after releasing a hit titled EKITONE which earned her popularity within and outside the country.



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