Some of your music should stop in your bathroom- Sheila Gashumba stings Crysto Panda

Sheila Gashumba has come out to give a piece of advice to rapper Crysto Panda.

The NBS After 5 presenter said that the NTV presenter cum rapper at times sings unnecessary music.

She added that some of his songs such as the Balumye remix are so useless that they should stop in his bathroom and not make it to the public domain.

According to Sheila Gashumba, the Tuli mu struggle singer has a tendency of jumping on trending words releasing songs out of them.

She said that this should stop and he should explore his potential ton
the fullest since he’s a talented guy.

“I feel like Crysto Panda at times sings unnecessary music like the remixes he does such as Balumye. You can sing some of these in your bathroom and stop it there. Artin Pro, his producer should encourage him to be more creative because he has the ability, Sheila said.

She was not the only one dissatisfied with the singer as the whole NBS After 5 crew had a piece of advice for him.

Douglas Lwanga said that all he needs is a good songwriter to fine-tune his career because he’s good in the other attributes.

Dj Roja also said that Panda needs good DJs to set his career on the track of success.

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