Social media reacts to Uganda showcasing Lato Milk and Kayonza tea at Dubai Expo

Ugandans have taken to Twitter to mock their country for showcasing Lato milk and Kayonza tea at the ongoing Dubai 2020 Expo.

Most Ugandans were left in shock after a picture of President Museveni at a table of Lato milk and Kayonza tea.

People started wondering how powdered milk can attract investors to the country as the President had rallied them to.

“Uganda’s only export to UAE, Maids…Cry or Uganda!”

“Era lato milk eya mr m7….why not sugarcane and its products..???”

“Other countries are show casing pavilions with artistic designs showing the beauty and progress of their nation…all we afforded was a leesu with some boxes
what happened to the space which was given to Uganda.”

“First of all I love the tree on our pavilion; sign of love for nature: though doesn’t depict the rate deforestation back home.
Lastly, what are we showing at a universal expedition? Powder milk?” One Twitter user said to n regards to the table with Lato Milk.

“The Arabs look shocked. I think they expected a Robot,” another said.

“Atleast we should have show cased our kadamaz. Isn’t that the main thing we export to UAE? Uganda needs prayers!” One more user commented.

“I don’t know why countries like china still lend us money after even seeing this level of development,” another user expressed their disappointment.

“But how exactly is he standing next to the prince telling him about milk. I’d feign illness and send a representative to the showcase ,” one more user said regarding how President Museveni had the confidence to showcase Lato Milk.

“All I want to know is what’s unique with Lato that can make someone move from UAE to come to Uganda. Just one,” another wondered the exception of Lato Milk in regards to all the products that could have gone to the expo.

“Either the owner of lato milk paid someone some ka money or he is related to the “banene” Mu government.”

“I think we should have focused on tourism and organic agricultural products. Take
to talk about and showcase tourism and ask
to put together a group of farmers and we just showcase those two sectors. That Lato milk can’t even compete in Kenya.”

“But where is the competitive advantage here? I think we were supposed to showcase things we are best at. Bananas, cassava, pineapples, mangoes, alot of agro produces would have played better than lato. I am not impressed at all.”

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