Smoking Marijuana is my life- one hir wonder Ronald Alimpa


For some time now, struggling bedridden singer Ronald Alimpa has courted controversy ever since he suffered a nasty accident that claimed some of his friends.

He was rushed to hospital where his life was saved but since then, he’s been involved in scandal after scandal.

Among these were some blasphemous insults towards his mother such as accusing her of wanting to sleep with him.

This controversy all happened after his mother blocked some of his friends who were sneaking Marijuana into the hospital for him to smoke.

Alimpa has now in a local interview said that it’s true he indeed smokes and he’s not about to quit these drugs.

This is because they have provided solace to him especially when he had no one.

According to Alimpa, he started smoking at age 12 on the streets because he had no where to rub to.

“Its true I smoke marijuana and people should know that I am not getting it off at anytime. I started smoking at the age of 12 years when I was homeless with no where to stay and at the moment I am used to it it can’t get off me. So people should stop wasting time because that has been my life ever since I was a child,” Ronald Alimpa told the media.

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