SMACK HM who suspended Bobi Wine’s son caught red handed in homosexuality acts

According to the latest trending news on the different social media platforms especially Twitter and Facebook, St Mary’s College Kisubi headmaster Brother Deodati Aliganyira has been indicted in homosexuality acts.

Pictures making rounds on social media and the evidence dug out by NUP social media propagandist Fred Lumbuye, Brother Deodati was caught red handed bum shafting a male junior staff member at St Edwards Bukumi.

It’s said that Deodati was the school headmaster at the said school in present day Kakumiro district that was cut from Kibaale district.

This evidence was presented to the school board by Ms Constance Nanyondo the Deputy headteacher of the school.

These resolved to immediately suspend Brother Deodati Aliganyira from his post as they carried out Investigations.

Investigations were launched into the matter as Ms Nanyondo was asked to avail the evidence to the Kampala Arch Diocese.

Her home was however set ablaze after an abnormal school strike. It’s said that it was planned by Deodati as he hoped to burn all the evidence.

Nanyondo feeling frustrated went to Vision Group offices and gave the evidence to Robert Kabushenga who was the then CEO of the company.

She asked them to publish the evidence and shame the headteacher’s perverted sexual acts. Deodati meanwhile had been reinstated to his position as headteacher of the school by Kale Kayihura who was the then IGP.

Deodati with the help of government machinery managed to block Vision Group from publishing his filth. Its also said that he was put in the school by the Government arms.

Despite knowing all his vices, the Catholic church has never come out to condemn his behavior and have let him roam around endangering male students.

However, these are all allegations for now and nothing is proven yet as the information was relayed by Lumbuye.

SMACK, the Catholic church and Brother Deodati Aliganyira are yet to comment on these allegations.

Deodati was at the center of the controversy regarding Bobi Wine’s son’s case of allegedly sneaking Marijuana into the school.

Bobi Wine during the recent PTA meeting criticized the school for embarrassing his son in a case that was clearly blackmail.

This could however be blackmail or true facts in either way.

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