Singer Big Size Bebe Cool narrates how he almost got gunned down (video)


Gagamel boss and singer Big Size Bebe Cool has come out to reveal how he almost got gunned down by an unnamed armed soldier.

The singer says that this soldier knocked his car and when Bebe confronted him, hell broke loose. The soldier pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot Bebe Cool.

The Love You Everyday singer however revealed that he was able to disarm this soldier and took him to Ntinda Police station. From here things got worse, after Bebe Cool recording a statement, this soldier’s colleagues came through and threatened to shoot everyone here including Bebe Cool.

The Gagamel boss fled to save his life to his car which his driver sped off before he could get in. According to Bebe Cool, he’s trying to make further phone calls to the powers that be to see that this soldier is brought to book.

Few however seemed to sympathize with Bebe Cool. Many of these told him that since he’s an ardent fan of the Government and NRM, he shouldn’t be crying to the public.

This is because he’s reaping what he sowed as he has always been advocating for the NRM government thinking he’s part of it.

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