18+: Shocking video of famous TikToker parading her beans


TikTokers have really done their part in keeping us entertained this year and in that bid have turned the app into a porn website.

The latest to see their adult video leak is famous TikToker Queen Masolo Sylvia whose account has over 38k followers.

And just like her name Masolo, she really has them in plenty and heavy quantity.

This dirty video shows how she leaves nothing to imagination as she bares it all for whoever cares to see.

Vibing to Gravity Omutujju’s Ani Alina Enene song, Queen Masolo showed that it’s indeed her who has the big one.

Her big beans can be seen popping out of her sumbie and dangling in front of the camera and it’s no doubt that she took her classes of visiting the bush seriously.

She’s the wife to local barely known singer, Sande music. The couple share a child together.

Sylvia is rumored to have been sending the video to her sugar daddy before it leaked a thing that is like to end her relationship with Sande music.

Queen Masolo Video Tiktok

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