Shock: Nursery toddlers nabbed chewing each other at school (video)


There was shock at a certain Nursery school after a teacher nabbed nursery kids chewing each other.

In the video uploaded on social media, the teacher was heard asking how these kids were doing it.

She then asked them to repeat the scene for her lest she beats them mercilessly.

Aside was another one who was the movie writer and had been directing them on how to act everything.

These kids first hesitated but then after decided to show their teacher how they were eating their susus.

The girl removed her panties and the boy put his mouth inside and showed their teacher what they were doing.

This is not something new and lots of kids have gone ahead to engage in such risky and abhorrent behaviors.

Such acts go a long away in showing how parents amd the public at large have decimated in their parenting behaviors. .

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