Shock as man kills his own children for Shs 4 million

A 46-year-old known as Musilumu Mbwire is under police custody for allegedly killing his two children for Shs 4 million that was promised to him by his boss.

This prompted him to kill his children, Latif Kamulasi a 7-year-,old and Sahum Baizambona a 3-year-old for money rituals that his boss had asked him to play a part in my killing his children.

Aside from the Shs 4 million, Mbwire had also been promised a commercial building at Bbaale trading center which even encouraged him further to slate his children’s throats.

However, his time run short after one of his brothers noticed the missing children and invited the authorities to look into the matter only to find out that the man had without second thought claimed his children’s lives.

Upon contacting the Mbwire’s boss, he denied having any knowledge whatsoever of what Mbwire was talking about talk of him being involved in the inhumane act that killed the chance of two children ever having a life.

Police during her investigation was able to recover the body of the older child although they failed to find the younger child’s body was nowhere to be found no matter how much they tried.

Currently, both Mbwire and his boss are being held at Kayunga police station as police tries to dig to the bottom of the issue and find out what really transpired.

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