She’s a night dancer- Lwasa spills ex Vanessa’s secrets


Ladies seem not to learn from the experiences of the others.

This is after Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has always come out to expose the bedroom secrets of the women he’s bedded.

The latest now is his now ex girlfriend Vanessa. The two were in a relationship that didn’t last long.

Lwasa planned to officialize his relationship with Vanessa and gave her money to carry out everything for the D-day.

The tycoon was shocked on the D-day when he was informed that nothing like a function had been organized at Vanessa’s home.

In fact Vanessa told Lwasa that they shouldn’t bother coming lest they will be arrested by police.

This is because her parents had called off the function citing Lwasa’s disrespectful remarks of nabbing Vanessa cheating on him with his driver.

They therefore didn’t want anything to do with Lwasa’s things and told their daughter to wait a little bit longer.

Lwasa has now started terrorizing Vanessa the same way he did with Diana Nabatanzi and current wife Angel Kwakunda.

Appearing in a local YouTube interview, Lwasa said that Vanessa is a night dancer who has been disappearing from their bed at night only to reappear in the morning.

He’s therefore glad that she called off their marriage ceremony.

“She’s such a stupid girl and I don’t even know where she is. She didn’t call to inform what happened but I’m so glad she left because she was a night dancer. She used to get up from the bed at night and waking up in the morning I would find her in bed. My sister had told me that she has the medicine to heal such but she later back tracked. I’m however so glad that she left,” Lwasa said.

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