Sheilah Gashumba suspends Tina’s case, Takes on Dembe Fm’s Kasuku

Kasuku and Sheila Gashumba

Sheilah Gashumba suspends Tina Fierce’s case, Takes on Dembe Fm’s Kasuku – We have a Battlefield

Off Tv Slay queen also known to be the girl with best lips in Uganda is at it again but this time with Radio and Tv presenter Isaac Katende who most of us know as Kasuku and works on Dembe Fm.

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Kasuku while on his live video one day defended Tina Fierce and stung Sheilah Gashumba saying she is not the right person to run the Stop Cyber Harassment Hashtag. This is because of some reasons, this pierced deep into Sheilah Gashumba’s gap teeth. She yesterday on a Facebook live video hit back at Kasuku. So, Ladies and Gentlemen we now have a battleground and I’m going to be your storyteller.

Sheilah Carol Gashumba on Saturday, 4th of July the COVID year 2020, decided to go live on her Facebook page. She started her live video wearing a hoodie jumper but quickly removed the hoodie to expose her black long wig and then with a little gaze in her face started the show.
She requested her followers to join the live video to make sure she had like 1000 views before she could start any serious talk and within a few minutes she was at it.

“You know the thing is that people always think that we are in some type of like joking subject, Guys, Cyberbullying is real.

When we come out to talk about cyberbullying, we not coming out to just talk for attention… If I wanted to get attention from anyone, I know what to do, you understand??
I know what people want to listen to, I know what people want to follow, you know…and I know Ugandans love it when people are there just enjoying themselves but guys Cyberbullying is real.” she stated.

It’s at this juncture that she started slopping into the routes that led to Dembe Fm’s Isaac Katende or call him Kasuku.
She was like, “Anyone can wake up and be a Tv presenter, a radio presenter, or even a journalist but as a journalist what are you speaking.”
In this same live video, she said Kasuku who of course she described as someone who is old and even fits to be her father has worked on Radio for a long time, that he is mature but he doesn’t respect his age at all.

According to Sheilah, Kasuku went live on Radio and Television and said Sheila Gashumba doesn’t have the moral rights to talk anything about Cyberbullying and as for some of us who follow Kasuku, he was siding with Tina Fierce and this in one way or the other escalated Sheilah’s anger against him. It was this factor that the gapped teeth public figure used to attack and throw word bombs at Kasuku.

While speaking in Luganda she said, “Kasuku is someone who finds me every time. He asks for Ugx 50k, he is the one who even finds Marcus my boyfriend nga he is in Club Govnor.

In addition, and he Kasuku, wants to be at the table, wants to squeeze himself there in plans of being near there wanting something you have, to be given money… but a big man, you go on Tv, Where do all these things concern you Kasuku, someone who spends all their time on the radio abusing people, just tell me where all this concerns you. You understand???

There is no attachment linking you to this (cyberbullying), you people should learn to respect yourselves, you are mature men who aged a long time ago, learn to respect your selves.” she advised
“Me, if you disrespect me, I disrespect you but for a person like Kasuku, a person I…

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Kasuku tells the people, am the one who first took you to Serena Hotel to have lunch, you had never been there at all it was even a buffet and I think all the photos are on your Page (Kasuku live) ateh yes am going to look for them.

You shamelessly clung onto a young girl like me, that’s why musicians are still going to beat you, its actually Kasuku that started Cyberbullying here not the so-called Tina, Its Kasuku who started Cyberbullying in Kampala and for those asking.

Yes, God’s plan is behind this video.” and she paused
She then narrates how Kasuku was the first person who called her to make interviews.

In addition, on her about issues concerning Cyberbullying on his YouTube channel. Therefore she postponed the appointment to Monday and since he knows her very well that when she says Monday in that tone, it means a NO in capital letters, he made it big issue creating a nonsensical grudge in between.

“Just because of that, I was surprised to find posted videos on his WhatsApp status. Hmm, but seriously Kasuku, you to fight with me… Nze am like your daughter,” she clarified.
She further accused Kasuku of going live on air and accusing the President of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for having done weird things to Bryan White. She then made standing sentences that she and her Boyfriend Marcus together with the Facebook in-laws were going to change the industry with or without help from Kasuku.

Sheilah Gashumba continued her unending rant about cyberbullying saying most musicians are suffering to it and they have succumbed to the use of drugs to cool off stress from it, she then dropped a stern warning to people saying that if you attack her yet she has ever helped you in any form, she was going to go live and drag you around Mutasa Kafeero building with your belly and face flat onto the ground but of course, for her, she used a simpler word and not that complex explanation of mine [“NKULANGILE”].

“Even Kenzo beat you up because of speaking ill about him. Where do you earn from if you attack someone better than you?

This is because even where I sleep is better than where you lay your head. The life I am living, yes am 24 years old but the life I am living a better. In addition, you have never lived it ateh nga you are older than me.”

In an extracted clip Sheilah warns Kasuku not to too be soo glue-like. This is because she simply refused to give him an interview and begs him to never look for cheap popularity. In addition because even when a person finds him anywhere, they can’t recognize him.

Some hours later, the man being brutally exposed for being nothing by Sheilah appeared on NBS Tv’s Uncut show. However, when he was asked about the Sheilah war of words he brought out proof of how he speaks with Sheilah C Gashumba. In addition, and how the two are friends but remained loyal to his words…

“Sheilah Gashumba is my friend, and just last week or last week but one I was speaking to her on phone with her husband. In addition and even recently she sent me a document of UCC on my phone. In fact, I want to show it to you so that you prove that we talk and she sent it.

My Problem with Sheilah (Gashumba) is one, the moment Muleyi (those who don’t know Solomon Muleyi check our article on Sheila Gashumba X Tina Fierce story) came out and told us that about the Sheilah ongoing stories were all tricks they were playing, I rested my case on her (Oyo ne mujja ko engalo).”He said

” So to me the campaign of Angella (who was in the studio with him), sorry Sheilah Gashumba would have been very valid.

However, Sheilah Gashumba as a person does not have the moral authority to talk about cyberbullying. ”
When he was asked Why He replied saying she also just bullied someone else a few laps back. In addition and when again he was questioned about who it was he said a girl named Robin Kitsi. Robin is a former coworker of Sheilah Gashumba on NTV.

Kasuku also on this platform accused Sheilah Gashumba of abusing Robin Kitsi and termed that as Cyberbullying.
He concluded saying, “But Sheilah is my friend, I will leave that at that.”
Now when Sheilah Gashumba watched that Kasuku interviews she went on Twitter and tweeted saying;

“Kasuku you are the one who has no moral authority to talk about cyberbullying because you have BULLIED PUBLIC FIGURES AND Artists over the years!! You are only threatened because you know that you are NEXT to be suspended because what your show on Ddembe does is to BULLY!!”

Now, this war is still ongoing if both teams keep fighting and trust me as I said we have a battleground with cameras and on-field anchors to it… Thanks for reading and in order to not miss a thing check on us daily.

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