Sheilah Gashumba rubbishes rumors of breaking up with Rickman


Socialite Sheilah Gashumba has come out to address rumors of breaking up with her boyfriend Rickman.

This followed rumors that the two had broken up, unfollowed each other on social media and even deleted each others pictures.

However, Sheilah has said that this is false. She said that they are still following each other and nothing is wrong.

She added that its probably because they are nolonger seen so much together of lately that the allegations are springing up.

Sheilah Gashumba also said that she had to unfollow Rickman and follow him back to see if they what is being said is true.

In regards to her recent vacation to Zanzibar alone, she said that she’s been working a lot this past month. She therefore wanted to be alone without anyone bothering her.

“I haven’t broken up with Rickman. So I’m not single and I’m not searching. I don’t know where the rumors are coming from. I even had to unfollow him and follow him back to confirm what they are saying. I also just retweeted one of tweets.

For the trip to Zanzibar, I wanted to be alone without anyone waking me up for this and that. I worked a lot this past month and needed some me time,” she said.




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