Sheilah Gashumba reveals why she doesn’t want to give birth


Sheilah Gashumba has revealed why she’s not yet ready to give birth as of now.

While appearing on the NBS After 5 show, Sheilah said that although she has the money to look after a baby, she doesn’t want to be stressed yet.

She added how her tiresome schedule can’t allow her to have a baby.

The socialite however said that she has massive respect for all women out there who decide to have babies.

According to Sheilah, she’s not ready to add a third family member and is also still young.

“I might be showing that other side of me doing all the public display of affection things but I don’t have any relationship with being pregnant. I can’t add a third person right now and besides I’m still young. Imagine your leaving a club in the wee hours of the morning or you have taken a flight to Paris with a baby but then you have to take stops. I do have the money but my schedule is so tight to afford a baby. Buying pampers and then being stressed, no way,” Sheilah Gashumba said.

She’s currently in a relationship with musician Rickman.

She joins a long list of other female celebrities who don’t fancy giving birth as it makes them lose fan base and halts their careers.

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