Sheila Gashumba attacks Eric Omondi after he stings her boyfriend

NBS TV After 5 presenter Sheila Gashumba squared off with popular Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi after he stung Ugandan artists including Rickman.

Omondi’s comments were directed at all musicians in East Africa.

The comedian when it came to Ugandan artists said they no longer sing but gave up on their careers.

“Kenyan Musicians are Dead ASLEEP.

Tanzanian are losing it to AMAPIANO

Ugandans Stopped Singing, they don’t even try anymore,” Omondi said.

This did not sit well with Sheila Gashumba who has a singing boyfriend in Rickman and probably knows the effort he puts into his craft.

Sheila said that Omondi’s comments were uncalled for and derogatory.

She further said that the comedian should instead provide support instead of criticizing his fellow artists.

“Also please stop belittling your fellow East Africans!!! It doesn’t look good on you and neither on us!! How will the other African artists look at us with these kind of posts you are making!! You want them to respect us but how will they do that when you make such posts. “

“Eric Omondi, talking about Uganda like that is hitting below the belt!! You are better than that!! Everyone has their own time to shine. Today it’s Nigeria, it could be Ghana next or Kenya or Tanzania or Uganda!! Trust the process,” Sheila hit back.

Omondi has for some time been hitting the Kenyan music industry real hard saying they have led to the collapse of their own industry.

His remarks followed a concert that will be taking place in Nairobi headlined by Jamaican singer Konshens.

Omondi questioned if there was no big artist in Kenya to headline such a concert.

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