Sheila Gashumba and Rickman hits back at God’s Plan

Sheila Gashumba and boyfriend Rickman have come out to hit back at faded conman and ex convict God’s Plan.

It should be recalled that God’s Plan who is Sheila Gashumba’s ex came out on his Snapchat to allege how Sheila Gashumba has slept with almost every man im the limelight in the showbiz industry.

God’s Plan said that he hacked Sheila Gashumba’s which is how he got to know all her dirty whorish lifestyle.

He went ahead to say that she’s slept with the likes of Eddy Kenzo, Nelly Vinka’s husband among others.

God’s Plan wasn’t yet done and warned to expose more damaging information about her if she doesn’t go slow on him.

“Wazina Kenzo when he was still with Rema in South Africa, let me see you lie. Yes or no

Wazina Nelly ba wa Vinka, let me see you lie, yes or no?
By the way na hackinger eesimu ye this is how I know all this so no lies on my page. 100% authentic facts I have seen with my own eyes.

Gwe Sheila owedde. I’m not even warming up yet,” the ex convict said.

When things got worse, socialite Bad Black came to the rescue of Sheila by attacking God’s Plan.

God’s Plan however said that despite Sheila hiring Bad Black to attack him, the NBS TV presenter doesn’t like Bad Black.

Sheila however while seeming to reply to these damaging allegations said that sometimes one has to be a lion or lioness in the jungle to survive.

She also described this as drama and asked people not to get lost in it because it all fades.

Her boyfriend Rickman on the other hand said that he doesn’t care how many men have chewed his girl.

According to the singer, the point is not how many have chewed, it’s all about who is currently chewing.

“The number of those who chewed never matters, what matters is who is chewing you now,” Rickman said in a now deleted tweet.

One of the tweets trolled the Naki singer saying that Nigerian singer Ruger had chewed his girl as he spent a cold night alone.

Rickman questioned the tweet if the Dior singer had taken the p***y with him to Nigeria or if he had left it and who is chewing it.

These are not the first sex scandals Sheila Gashumba is involved in.

She has been linked to having smashed the likes of Moses Muhangi the president of the Uganda Boxing Federation, singers Grenade Official, Fik Fameica, Face Off among others.

Perhaps if all this is true, she can become the brand ambassador of PornHub in Africa.

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