Sheila Gashumba and Prim Asiimwe react to TNS new singer Rahma Pinky’s voice

Media personalities Sheila Gashumba and Prim Asiimwe have reacted to Team No Sleep’s Sheebah replacement Rahmah Pinky’s voice.

Listening to Pinky’s voice, it has close resemblance to Sheebah’s which has led to some people saying that she’s a direct competition to the queen karma.

Sheila Gashumba said that Jeff is a smart man who might have made Pinky sound like Sheebah intentionally to grab the headlines and he sure did.

For the Galaxy FM presenter Prim, she said that there must be a costume at TNS thats sounding exactly like Sheebah.

She added that although Pinky hasn’t yet mastered, Sheebah’s art, she somehow sounds like her.

Pinky has so far outed in song under TNS titled Superstar and there is indeed close resemblance between her voice and Sheebah’s.

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