Sheebah to start having kids by climbing on the wire


Songstress Sheebah Karungi has revealed how she’s open to having kids.

This is after she posted a cryptic message on her social media handles.

The self styled queen karma posted a cryptic message of her and painting which she proceeded that its her dream in one picture.

It had a house by the seaside and two kids seated by, a girl and boy.

However these kids were white implying that Sheebah wants a white man to start up a family.

As some of her fans complimented her and wished her all the best, one fan asked whether she will give birth to the kids via a tree since she’s got no man.

“Abaana onobazaala mukiti nyabo,” to which Sheebah hilariously revealed that she will indeed sire them by climbing a tree as it’s all that women do while going to conceive.

“Ate abalala babazala muki? Ela kulinya muti nyabo. Waliyo engeri endala?” Sheebah questioned a comment that drew plaudits from other followers to her.

It should be recalled that Sheebah has in the past declared how she’s not into starting up a family or dating.

She revealed that she’s a proud self made independent woman (nakyeyombekedde) who doesn’t need a man to thrive.

It however seems her negative perspective on family, marriage and dating is slowly changing and maybe some day she will officially be taken.

She has on countless times expressed her love for children through her different social media platforms.

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