Sheebah is still working with Jeff Kiwa- Khalifah AgaNaga

Dancehall singer Khalifah AgaNaga has come out to reveal that diva Sheebah Karungi is still working with Jeff Kiwa.

According to Khalifah, he penned the Nakyuka singer’s latest Nkwata Bulungi song.

It was rather meant for Jeff Kiwa and probably his new artist Rahmah Pinky.

However, after calling Jeff Kiwa and informing about the song, he told Khalifah to give it to Sheebah because it suited her better.

The Oyitangayo singer also wonders why Sheebah’s manager Dirisa is still managing her yet he has close ties with TNS.

“I have my doubts if Sheebah and Jeff really parted ways. I wrote Sheebah’s latest song but it was meant for Jeff. He however told me to forward it to Sheebah and the other song I had written was taken by him.

Besides Sheebah’s manager Dirisa who was with her in TNS wasn’t changed when she went solo. I therefore doubt if they are no longer working together,” Khalifah said

It should be recalled that Sheebah and Jeff parted ways last year after about 8 years of working together.

The two however have never come out to officially state that they ceased working together.

They however all indicated signs of no longer working together.

Jeff unveiled a new artist in Rahmah Pinky to fill the gap left by Sheebah.

There is a feeling that the two parties could join forces once again in future reason they have never come out to publicly to reveal they parted ways.

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