Sheebah disputes Cindy’s leadership abilities


Former TNS singer Sheebah Karungi has come out to dispute the leadership abilities of her nemesis and UMA presidential contestant, Cindy.

According to Sheebah, the Boom Party singer doesn’t have the leadership abilities to steer the association forward.

She says that Cindy was unable to reach out to her fellow singers and canvass for votes. Besides, its hard to access her and she’s distant from fellow singers.

The Nakyuka singer complimented her friend Saha whom she endorsed as the perfect fit for the job. This is because the Biri Biri singer has a well elaborated and articulated manifesto that is feasible to the voters.

“How can you be the UMA president yet your distant and unreachable to fellow musicians? She didn’t reach out to many of us to explain what she’s going to do for us. Saha did, he came to my home in Munyonyo and told me what hes planning to do. Those things of I have been around the industry and I know how things run nolonger work. We have new artists who don’t know how things work and need guidance,” Sheebah said.

She also said that Cindy is relying on the notion that she’s been around the scene for long. And therefore thinks that she will get voted automatically. Sheebah said that there are new artists who need guidance and Cindy doesn’t seem like she will offer the necessary guidance.

“I was also making calls behind scenes for the election to be canceled. Why were her votes coming in yet those for Saha weren’t? There are things we don’t want to go back in. We are being exploited as artists. Thats why people still do car washes for us, fundraising for us because we don’t ear from our craft yet its one, of the most lucrative businesses in the country” she added

However Cindy said that she’s confident of winning the vote whether its virtual or physical. She had even started looking for a venue to do an after party since she was in the lead on Monday before the election was called off.

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