Sheebah Continues To Slay As Ex Bonkmate Fights For Life

TNS singer Sheebah Karungi has showed that nothing is stopping her from enjoying her life despite what might be circulating about her.

The singer has been posting photos from her birthday that happened two weeks ago and seems not about to stop.

This is despite her alleged ex Oscar a member of the early 2010’s singing group Big Tym battling for his health.

Rumors have always had it how the two used to bonk themselves mercilessly.

While appearing in a local TV interview, Oscar said that it’s true he and Sheebah used to have a romantic affair.

Oscar then proceeded to ask for help from the Yolo singer.

“It’s true I used to have an affair with Sheebah when she was still staying along Entebbe road. But that’s in the past and I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want her to think I’m gluing myself on her. All I’m asking for is help from her, please Sheebah reach out and help me,” Oscar said.

Probably we now know why Sheebah hates men and relationships in general.

It seems the dude did bad things to her and made her think that all men are trash.

Oscar was however able to receive some assistance from Pallaso with a million shillings as he continues to seek help for his rotting leg.

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