Sheebah became my enemy when I began my Music Career – Nina Roz

Sheebah became my enemy when I began my Music Career - Nina Roz

Self-proclaimed Ugandan property singer Nina Roz has finally opened up why fellow singer Sheebah Karungi beefs her bad style. Surprisingly, these two were once tight friends, however, things didn’t turn out as they expected…

In an interview today with Leilah Kalanzi Kachapizo, Nina Roz revealed that Sheeah Karungi hates her very much… However, it’s not that she stole her man or they had a fight, but she says Sheebah is just jelousy… According to Nina, she loved Sheebah so much and she even used to promote her music for free way back…

However, she also as an individual had a dream of getting to the studio and record her own music… Therefore one time, she told Mr. Jeff Kiwa who is now Sheebah Karungi’s official manager that wanted to record a few songs… However, Jeff thought that she was kidding but then he got so shocked when she recorded her first single…

This however didn’t excite Jeff and Sheebah therefore they carried on the beef from that day… From that moment, Sheebah even stopped receiving her phone calls however much she tried to apologize yet she had done no wrong to her…

“I loved and I still love Sheebah and we were good friends before I joined the music industry, I used to promote and play her songs but she made me her enemy after I had joined the music industry, we no longer talk, she doesn’t want to pick my phone calls, one day I apologized to her and I thought everything was settled but she didn’t forgive me and I don’t know what I wronged her, but its ok life has to move, I thank my fans who have been there for me,” Nina Roz said.

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