Sharpshooter MC Casmir vows not to leave married woman alone

Record Elah Butida sang that nothing is as sweet as married women and NBS TV presenter MC Casmir seems to have taken the song so serious.

Even after being embarrassed on social media after he was caught shafting a married woman, the Hitmaker presenter has vowed not to quit the woman.

According to Casmir, she’s so pretty and sweet despite what social media has been saying that she’s ugly.

He also added that he loves her and she loves him back.

“I’m not letting go of that woman because the fact is that we are in love. Leave alone the pictures that surfaced on social media, she’s very beautiful and I can’t leave her. Besides she’s got money as she’s hardwood,” Casmir said.

He went ahead to reveal how he was wrongly accused of bedding her yet it was all aimed at embarrassing him.

According to his narration, the woman is in the process of separating with the man who now feels so jealous.

It was this man that plotted the whole scene to have him arrested bit everything is now getting sorted.

“The woman is truly married but she’s in the process of separating with her husband. I have known her for two months now and we are so close. This man has been tip-toeing me and on the fateful day he found me at a Supermarket with Police Officers and they arrested me. They then put me behind bars and the man started recording. After that I was taken to my place for a search,” Casmir narrated.

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