Sex Scandal Rocks Kibuli SS, HeadTeacher Sent Home

Hajj Ali Mugagga, the head teacher of Kibuli Secondary School, has been sent home following allegations of sexual assaults towards students, infecting them with HIV/Aids.

The forced leave was after a social media message that went viral, accusing the educationist of ruthlessly sleeping with underage female students and promising them a good future.

According to information circulating on social media, a group of self-proclaimed investigators named UB40 allege that they undertook their investigation after getting complaints against Hajji Mugagga way back in 2005.

The group claims to have received credible information about Hajji Mugagga after a thorough background check since in Gombe SS, Lubiri SS and Kibuli SS where he (Mugagga) has served.

Accordingly, Mugagga was instructed to go on leave and hand over to his deputy, Hajjat Mastula Nambajjwe as the board investigates the allegations.

The development comes a few days to the reopening for the first term on February 5.

In a letter dated January 23, 2018, Mugagga will be handing over to Nambajjwe.

“Following my successful request for [an] annual leave, I am happy to inform you that [that] leave will commence on 23rd January for a period of 36 days; I therefore handover management to you. We are in the process of admitting senior one and soon senior five. I request you work hand in hand with the deputies. A formal handover report will be prepared in due course,” reads Mugagga’s letter

Hajj Ali Mugagga earlier wars

Hajj Ali Mugagga was transferred to Kibuli Secondary School in 2015 from Lubiri SS.
While at Lubiri SS, he was a centre of several wars, according to some teachers and students.

They said he ruthless mismanaged the school’s financial docket, promoted those who professed his Islamic faith and reportedly forced non-Muslim students to put on the veil on Fridays among others and those are some of the reasons why he was transferred to Kibuli SS.

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