Sevo blocks Hon Ssemujju Nganda on Twitter

Well if you thought you are the only person who doesn’t tolerate negative energy on their social media walls, you are not alone.

Sevo has decided to lead by example of saying no to social media bullying by blocking Kiira Municipality MP, Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda.

The President seems to be having a lot to deal with especially with the recent bomb scares and he might not need negative energy for now.

He therefore decided to use the block button to the best of his advantage.

The Kiira Municipality MP is a well known government critic who doesn’t give the NRM regime any breathing space.

Ssemujju in fact said that the sole reason he joined politics was to fight Museveni’s government.

He added that once the government is dethroned, he will go back to his profession of journalism.

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