Sef Uganda joins the world to fight Covid-19

Sef Uganda

Sef Uganda has started a campaign to also join the rest of the world to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda. Sef Uganda has given guidelines to help prevent the widespread of the Corona Virus amongst the population.

But first things first, what is Sef Uganda?

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It is a nonprofit organization aimed at improving youth and women’s lives. It is located in Kampala, Uganda but operates across the country i.e. in all parts of Uganda. Sef Uganda’s core activities include Poverty Eradication, Education, Gender Equality and Environmental Protection.

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Sef Uganda is focused on establishing means which will enable youth and women to come out of vulnerability especially in terms of, extreme poverty. In addition, and unemployment, inequalities, lack of skills, lack of capital, lack of participation in community affairs. Also, Sef Uganda is committed to protect and ensure sustainable use of resources to combat climate change such that we protect our resources for future use.


To have a health, gender-balanced prosperous and productive society that lives in a sustainable environment.

Sef Uganda
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To provide relevant skills and knowledge to the underprivileged section of the society so that they become active participants in the improvement of their society.


To eradicate extreme poverty, unemployment and therefore ensure a sustainable society.

Sef Uganda advises the community to do the following if you find someone with the virus.

  • Don’t panic
  • Listen to local health authorities
  • Practise preventive hygiene
  • Try also to work from home
  • Avoid crowds
  • Stock up on groceries and toiletries.
  • Stay in contact with people.


Sef Uganda, however, urges the entire public to stay vigilant as we walk through this trying moment for the entire world.

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