Saha says Bebe Cool is a beggar who has been given everything he has freely

Musician King Saha has come out to add more fuel to the ongoing beef he has with Gagamel boss Big Size Bebe Cool. According to Saha, Bebe Cool is a beggar who has been given everything for free.

This is from the house he sleeps in, cars and fuel he drives and shockingly even his wife too, Zuena Kirema. Saha said that it was Bobi Wine who paid everything for Bebe Cool to be able to marry Zuena.

But it’s a surprise that Bebe Cool hates Bobi Wine to the core. Such is the heart that doesn’t wish others well that Bebe Cool posseses accords to King Saha.

Therefore it’s up to the likes of Saha to expose the Gagamel boss’s bad heart so that others know him and he doesn’t disturb them.

According to Saha, he will die faster due to the stress and working hard so he doest want to live Bebe Cool behind disturbing others.

Furthermore, Saha wondered what type of man Bebe Cool is who has no hinges when it comes to religion, culture, family and humanity. Bebe Cool will therefore die a useless man and death according to King Saha.

“I really don’t know what’s wrong with that man. He really has a bad heart and doesn’t wish anyone anything good. I want to expose him because I know a lot of things about him. I’m going to do this so that he doesn’t bother the other upcoming generations since he will be around for so long unlike us who will die early since we have a lot of stress and work hard. For him everything is given to him free of charge, cars and fuel, bursaries for his children. Even the woman he has was married for him. He was given a goat, sugar and other things for the introduction by my friend but right now he hates him so much. He has been around for over 20 years and he’s still greedy, I just want to know what is his that I took. He will even die a nuisance because he love has no love for God, family, culture or humanity. No firm ground he’s standing on,” Saha said while appearing in a local YouTube interview.

The two don’t see eye to eye for the past few years. This was after Bebe Cool publicly advised Saha to quit drugs before they destroy his career and life.

Saha didn’t seem to care and has for many times been attacking the Trouble singer. Saha released a song titled Zakayo attacking Bebe Cool.

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