Ronald Alimpa is so disrespectful towards his mother- singer’s friend confirms


Forget the thought or the high regard you take your mother in, it’s not for one hot wonder, Ronald Alimpa.

News emerged a few days ago about how the singer disrespects his mother.

It’s said that he cursed and insulted her before chasing her from the hospital where he’s been hospitalized for over a month after suffering broken legs.

The reason was that Alimpa’s mother had blocked his friends who were bringing him weed to smoke.

A furious Alimpa rained insults on his mother which forced her to live the hospital crying.

Despite Alimpa denying this, a close friend of his has said that it’s true he’s so disrespectful towards her.

He insults with heavy words every now and then which shocks them too as friends.

Further, this friend says that Alimpa heavily smokes weed and doesn’t want anyone speaking bad about his woman.

Plus he’s also a bad hearted and evil because he doesn’t want his friends to achieve anything.

This friend added that he has a lot of dirty secrets of the singer’s he’s seated on.

“When it comes to weed and his wife, Alimpa is intolerable. He’s constantly insulted his mother even in our presence with very heavy and vulgar words. What you heard in the hospital was nothing compared to what we always hear.”

“Hes done a lot of evil and bad things which I as a friend couldn’t even speak because people could have thought that I’m jealous and only want to climb on him. He’s however so selfish and ill mannered just like Hassan Nduga samg about him in his song,” said Alimpa’s friend.

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