Richard Todwong calls upon government to investigate lower health facilities drug threat

Richard Todwong

Richard Todwong the NRM party Secretary-General says the government should look into drug theft at lower health facilities.

Basing on him, the government should dig into the current situation since there are high rates of shortage of human medicines in health facilities throughout the country yet National Medical Stores keeps manufacturing drugs.

“We have been hearing a lot of cries from the countryside on insufficient drugs in health centres. The problem might be in how these drugs are managed in those health centres,” he said.

Mr Todwong commented on the situation while speaking to journalists shortly after he had toured the Entebbe National Medical Store with other legislators from the NRM secretariat towards the end of last week.

”From what we have seen, the NMS has been supplying medicines to all health centres timely- based on the requisition they receive. We have seen trucks loading drugs, trucks coming back from delivery, piles of medicines in the stores.’’

While speaking, Richard Todwong went on to inform that the challenge currently faced by the health sector should not be attributed to the medical store but rather the system through which the drugs reach the Ugandans.

Speaking about the same issues, Gulu City West MP, Ojara Mapenduzi encouraged the central government to penalize any health workers attached to government health facilities yet they go ahead and steal from them.

 “The systems and operations of NMS are airtight but when you go down to health centres, they say there are no drugs.  They place orders and drugs don’t come on time.’’

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Which Agago District woman MP, Ms Beatrice Akello Akori also reacted to as she said that the security of drugs ought to be ensured right from the moment when the drugs arrive at the various health centres. 

Moses Kamabare the NMS General Manager also urged the various leaders to be accountable to Ugandans by keeping them in the know of the process which involves the delivery of the drugs

“Once the medicines are delivered to the health centres, we discharge our responsibility,” he said and he went on to explain that,“We expect that after we have delivered the way we have kept the medicines safe in the warehouse. District leaders should put in place structures to keep the medicines which in terms of value are the biggest cost to the government in a year.”

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