Rhoda K confirms chewing fellow girls

If you have always had doubts about singer Rhoda K’s sexual preferences, then have them no more because she just confirmed that she chews fellow girls.

The singer who flew out of the country to the US a few years ago has always had people gossiping about her sexuality.

This was after photos of her surfaced on Social media kissing another fellow girl.

During an interview with local YouTuber Luzze Anderson, Rhoda K said that she has no problem with girls and loves them so much in different ways.

“That is a personal question but I would say I love girls in different ways. Whether intimate love or just normal friendship, I don’t know how to describe it but I have no problem to do with girls and I don’t care what they say,” Rhoda K said when asked whether she’s a lesbo.

The singer also shockingly revealed that she has never dated a man and therefore doesn’t know the feeling.

This was after being asked if she has plans to settle down with her dream man and start up a family.

“I have never dated a guy by the way so I don’t know what happens. Right now, it has not crossed my mind yet but we leave that to God,” said Rhoda K.

She then proceeded to say that everyone has the right to live their life the way they want to. So people should stop doing God’s work of judging others and let them live their lives how they want to.

“My life, my way. Who am I to crucify a girl who likes a girl? It is God who created us you know. If Rhoda K loves a girl it is her decision. You’re not gonna come into my life and say, “Why did you do this?” she added.

This is in relation to her new album yet to be released titled My Life My Way.

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