REVEALED – Why Lynda Ddane has lost too much weight

Lynda Ddane

Business on the different social media platforms is at a standstill after shocking photos of Lynda Ddane circulated showing how she has lost too much weight… Singer Geosteady shared a picture of him and Lynda Ddane on his timeline, however, social media in-laws were much worried about the NTV presenters’ weight loss.


A few months back, Lynda Ddane was featured in the Kampala boys hit song dubbed “Mudawo” where she left everyone salivating because of her s3xy body…

Here is a reaction from different social media in-laws

“This Babe [ Lynda Ddane ] has lost soo much weight and looks weird to me, she looked way more cute before this nosense,” Gisselle Bahati said.

“The way lost weight is worrying some of us, better gain it before we start crying,” JB Bosco said.

Above all, we as Cyclone Times cannot confirm why the once bootylicious TV presenter [Lynda Ddane] has now turned into a slay queen. The once s3xy TV presenter no longer leaves men’s trousers wet as she used to, however we shall follow it up for an exclusive with her.

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Who is Lynda Ddane?

Lynda Ddane

Lynda is a dancer, model, and TV presenter who is currently working with NTV…

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