Respect your age and stop appearing so plastic – Isma Olaxes to Zari

Social media blogger Jjaja Ichuli aka Isma Olaxes has come out to blast Zari Hassan over her flopped pool party.

It should be recalled that a party organized at the Pearl of Africa hotel that was supposed to be headlined by Zari flopped massively.

There were only about 29 attendees of the hundreds of people that were expected.

People started laughing at Zari and mocking her about how her party had flopped.

The socialite couldn’t hold back as she hit back claiming that the broke social media noise makers are the ones yapping for her.

Zari added that these are so broke to afford their next meal or even a concert of 50,000 shillings but also want to climb Zari.

She went ahead to say that she lost nothing because the party wasn’t hers but rather the organizers who did little to publicize the event.

However according to Isma, Zari should accept that she has no digital influence because she failed to pull people.

Her only role was to use her influence on social media to pull people reason she was given the deal according to Isma.

She might have gotten paid but she left the business owner im losses.

Isma further said that Zari should also know that her time to shine has elapsed.

She should therefore let the young sassy freshest girls take over the scene.

He also said that these girls are better than Zari even in looks. Even though she’s pretty she’s more plastic due to make make up according to Isma.

The blogger then said Zari should set up a charity foundation and start helping people because her party life gor finished.

Isma said that Zari should look up to Barbie Kyagulanyi for inspiration.

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