Remove me from Corona Distance song, A Pass asks Bebe Cool

Ugandan singer and music writer, Alexander Bagonza, better known by his stage name A Pass, has demanded that Bebe Cool returns his Corona Distance song verse and removes him from the COVID-19 song.

Fortebet Corona Distance song

This comes after A Pass realized that Bebe Cool involved Fress Daddy in the Corona Distance song something that didn’t make him happy.

“What you started Mr. Bebe you will have to finish it, you are going to sing all the RDCs numbers, whether you break from the studio it is up to you. You are going to sing another number, and even your song you put me in, I need my verse returned and removed.

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I didn’t know you’re going to put me in a song with Fresh Daddy. In addition, I don’t sing with Fresh Daddy. I want to tell you this, you fooled me around and now, I want to be removed from the song, I urgently need it.

I am going to make my own coronavirus distance song and produce it tomorrow.” A Pass demanded Gagamel boss Bebe Cool.

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A Pass; I cannot be on the same song with Fresh Daddy.

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Corona Distance

In the Corona Distance song, Bebe Cool and other Allstar Ugandan artists ought to sensitize the citizens on the prevention of the deadly and faster spreading coronavirus disease which is hailing all world.

The Allstar artists who featured in the corona distance include; A Pass, Fresh Daddy and his son Fresh Kid, Bebe Cool, Vinka, John Blaq, Azawi, Fik Fameica, Paper Daddy and Akira. 

Corona Distance (Chapter One) by Ugandan All-Stars hit the waves of the internet on March 26th, 2020 trending with over 65, 000 plus views.

“I would like to thank all the artists who have participated in this chapter because they did this without any payment and would like to encourage you to also dedicate your platforms to educate our followers more about Coronavirus and to follow the directives of the president and the ministry of health. ” Bebe Cool thanked fellow artists in the corona distance chapter one song.

A Pass’s demand for removal from the song comes after 7 days after the release of the song and one can wonder whether all the song participants didn’t get to the studio to record a song at the same. Well, it could be that way but one would hope that the artists met to do the all planning of the song and of course attending a performance briefing.

Should we believe that A Pass didn’t get to know about the artists who were to be involved in the song before? Well, you and me.

Secondly, given the forthcoming chapter two of the song, will A Pass’s demand for his verse’s removal yield a seed? could it be some other hidden matters that are causing A Pass to react at a later stage after the song hitting the internet waves? hmm, let us wait.

Well, Bebe Cool hasn’t yet responded to Bagonza’s call and we are eagerly waiting for his reaction.

A Pass has promised to release his coronavirus solo song today and the world awaits it.

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