Zex Bilangi langi confuses audience after saying he studied with Bobi Wine and Juliana Kanyomozi

Firebase singer Zex Bilangi langi confused the NTV Mwasuzz Mutya audience after saying that he studied with his boss Bobi Wine and Juliana Kanyomozi.

“I was born in Mityana, Namutamba and I’m the last born. I attended Arya school for primary and I studied with Bobi Wine and Juliana.” Zex Bilangi langi told Faridah Nakazibwe.

The viewers were left wondering whether he studied with the two artistes in the same class.

This is because these two musicians are veterans.

They are all nearing their 40’s yet Zex is considered young since he just broke onto the music scene about two years ago.

Zex Bilangi langi also talked about the hustles he’s had to do before finding the fame.

The Ratata singer said that he once worked at a washing bay, taxi conductor among other odd jobs.

He was however later recruited into Firebase by Bobi Wine and Nubian Li after being chased from school for fees.

The singer also said that he was once appreciated by Jamaican musician Mr G after seeing him perform at Kyadondo Rugby grounds.

Zex also said that Bobi Wine endorsed him through a talent search and he then started singing with Dax vibes.

He also said that when Bobi Wine started getting busy with politics, many ghetto youth started passing through him to get to the Fire base head.

That’s how he became the ghetto prime Minister.

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