Rahmah Pinky Uses Dr Jose Chameleone In New Song To Address Marriage Rumors

Team No Sleep’s new singer Rahmah Pinky has decided to use Leone Island boss Dr Jose Chameleone in her new song to clear rumors that she got married yet she claims to be 17 years of age.

This song titled Walwaawo debuted on her EP album titled 17 that has 6 songs on it.

It should be recalled that Pinky was rumored to have gotten married yet she’s a minor.

She however refuted these claims.

While talking about this album, Pinky said that she’s so excited and can’t really wait to see the response from her fans.

She went ahead to say that it’s a dream come true for her .

Pinky also as has been the case whenever faced with the media was asked about Sheebah in regards to this album.

She said that the Nakyuka singer has earned her respect and she also wants to run her own race and secure her own star.

“I’m excited to have released this project because I have always wanted to release a project or many songs. I named it 17 because people have always refuted my age. My fans can choose what they want to listen to and also the songs can compete with each other on the countdown.

The project is not to counter Sheebah because she ran her hustle and it’s what has earned her respect as one of the best female singers in the country. Me as Pinky, I will run my own race.”

The 17 year old who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at International University of East Africa said that she’s now a normal student after a few dramatic days.

Students used to flock her for selfies and Snapchat videos but all is fine now since they are used.

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