Rahmah Pinky set to follow Sheebah’s footsteps

New TNS singer Rahmah Pinky is set to follow her predecessor’s Sheebah Karungi’s footsteps formerly in the same label.

She in fact does all this unaware that it’s what the queen karma herself does or did.

First and foremost Rahmah Pinky sounds like the Mukama Yamba singer.

She also plans to uplift and empower women through her music a thing that Sheebah has always given priority.

Questioned if she emulates Sheebah, the ‘Superstar’ singer said that she doesn’t but feels its her calling.

“I really have big dreams for my music and I hope it will take me far. With the influence that I get from it, I hope to inspire, uplift and empower women because it has always been my passion,” she said.

She further said that she has never met Sheebah personally and there is no way she would be copying her.

Pinky however would be open to meet the Nakyuka singer.

She also explained how she managed to get signed onto TNS by Jeff Kiwa.

Interestingly it was Jeff who looked for her and not the other way round.

“I didn’t look for Jeff, he instead looked for me through a video director known as Eddie Paul. I think the controversies that surrounded me are what pulled him to me.

I don’t know whether Sheebah was still in TNS by the time I joined. However I’m open to meeting her over dinner and we have a chat,” she further said.

Pinky who is joining campus whilst being 17 said that she skipped 3 classes because of being academically bright.

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