Radio presenter and his guests arrested for criticizing President Museveni’s Covid-19 guidelines

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Police in Adjumani have incarcerated a Radio talk show presenter, the stations’ manager, and the panelists for allegedly criticizing the President’s Covid-19 guidelines.

Aulogo FM in Adjumani held a talkshow, however, basing on the police, the channel of their conversation could invite violence among the citizens since it was predominantly criticizing President Museveni’s Covid-19 guidelines.

According to the OC Adjumani CPS, Mr. Evans Musiige, they in a heartbeat arrested the suspects since they disobeyed the president’s directives and even insulted the police at the beginning of the 42-days lockdown.

Among the arrested include Mr. Ronald Iranya who was the talkshow host, his guests including Mr. Solomon Agwe, Ms. Edna Ajio as well as the Ofua Sub-county LC3 Chairperson Robert Dramwi.

Right after their arrest, the stations’ manager was also arrested by the police Mr. Isaac Icega Andi and was taken behind the coolers to join the party.

During the weekly talkshow hosted every Saturday known as “The close range,” the three guests spoke about police brutality of street vendors in Adjumani town as well as highlighting loopholes in the President’s Covid-19 directives.

However, Mr. Iranya while speaking at the Adjumani Central Police Station said his guests did not insult the police or the President’s directives aimed at curbing Covid-19 as insinuated by the police.

“Those are mere allegations. I have records of all the things discussed during the show before the arrest,” he informed media.

On the other hand, the station manager Mr. Icega said an invitation was sent to police to take part in the talkshow prior to the time when it was held, however, police declined to participate in the show.

“The police need to release the guests and instead investigate the person who selected the topic and the managers of the station because the continued holding of the talk show guests tantamount to selective application of the law,” Mr Icega said.

However, even the area Resident District Commission Mr. Peter Taban Data who at the time was discussing the same topic of the Presidential directives at another station said the guests in deed abused the directives meant to protect the population.

“I have communicated to the proprietor of Aulogo FM, Hon AbabikuJessica to come and record a statement together with the station manager and the moderator of the talk show,” Mr Data further said.

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The chairman Madi Journalists Association Mr. Amacha Goli disagreed with the arrest of the guest stating that they were innocent in the matter since they were only invited to air their opinions on the matter.

“During a talk show, the guests are guided by the moderator professionally and within the confines of the law and in such a circumstance the police are mandated to arrest the station manager,” he commented on the entire situation.

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