Prof Patrick Ogwang – Covidex shouldn’t cost more than UGX 12,000

Prof Patrick Ogwang

Developer of Covidex Prof Patrick Ogwang has come out to say COVIDEX should not cost more than Ugx 12,000.

While speaking on Monday morning, Prof. Ogwang informed that based on factory price, the Covidex was being sold at UGX 6,000 which he, therefore, used to estimate the price at which the public should buy it.

According to the professor, the herbal remedy for Covid-19 should not be sold at either UGX 20,000, UGX 30,000, or at most UGX 50,000 which he simply classified as greed for the drug to be overpriced.

Additionally, Prof Patrick Ogwang informed Ugandans that there shall surely be times for them to become wealthy which certainly isn’t now during a crisis that had greatly troubled the country.

“By yesterday factory price was 6000. We don’t expect someone to sell it at shs20,000, shs30,000 or shs50,000. That is greed. I want to appeal to Ugandans not to use this chance to make themselves rich. You will never become rich through such methods,” Prof. Ogwang said.

Therefore, Prof Patrick Ogwang said their expectations were that factories would include UGX 2,000 on top of the UGX 6,000 and therefore, pharmacists are expected to price the local remedy at UGX 12,000 while the complete dose of three bottles would cost UGX 36,000.

“We expect wholesalers to add shs2000 to make it shs8000 and pharmacies at most shs12000. It means full doze of three bottles will be shs36000,” the Professor further informed in regard to the recently found Covid-19 treatment.

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While speaking about the manufacturers of Covidex, Prof. Ogwang said, “We knew Covidex would be a highly demanded product but our company principle is humanity first. Don’t overprice it.”

Ministry of Health approved Covidex last week as an official support treatment for the highly feared deadly Covid-19. However, the drug is being monitored on the local market for it’s efficiency before being exported to other countries.

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