Prof. Ogwang warns Covidex has not been confirmed to treat Covid-19

Professor Patrick Engeu Ogwang

Professor Patrick Engeu Ogwang, a lecturer at Mbarara University of Science and Technology who founded the Covidex drug has come out in an official statement to inform that the drug is not confirmed as the treatment for Covid-19.

He says that the only laboratory tests the drug has undergone are on animals with an aim to test the active compounds in it as well as determining how safe the drug is. In the same regard, he says the drug has not undergone any clinical studies to determine how efficient it is.

Despite the fact that a limited number if people have used it to relieve Covid-19 symptoms, the professor says that that is not enough to prove the efficiency of the drug as more studies have to be carried out

“Only a few people have used it so far to relive their symptoms of COVID-19. More proof is needed to show it works against COVID-19. Clinic trials that prove as medicine or effective has not yet been done due to funding limitations,” read Prof. Ogwang’s statement in part.

His statement only re-echoes concerns voiced by both Ministry of Health and National Drg Authority asking people not to use the drug until it has undergone proper clinical assessment to evaluate it’s efficiency.

In line to the above, Prof Ogwang shall keep receiving funding for his study although he has been requested to change the name of his drug and also stop making claims that it can treat Covid-19.

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The market demand for the drug had already risen over the weekend as people around many surburbs within Kampala were already buying it. Pharmacies sold it at Shs 10,000 per 20ml bottles.

Pharmacists selling the drug claim that an individual requires seven bottles of the drug to cure from Covid-19 while the drug was also being sold to other people as a preventive treatment against the coronavirus disease.

Mbarara University informed that Covidex is just one of the several products alongside a hand sanitizer that have been made by the University under it’s Pharm-Biotechnology Traditional Medical Center (PHARMBIOTRAC).

Multiple drugs have been made to cure Covid-19 and currently, the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute is undergoing development of a cure to the coronavirus. Meanwhile, 53 have used the drug and are under study.

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