Prize Monies for 2017/2018 Season increased

The FUFA Emergency Committee that sat on Friday morning 26th January, 2018 at FUFA House in Mengo to discuss adjustments on FUFA budgets has passed key financial decisions with effect from 1st January.
Decisions on key areas will be implemented with immediate effect but here are highlights in the areas of club football and refereeing for 2017/2018 season where prize monies have either been introduced or improved;
The prize monies for FUFA Competitions have increased from UGX 20M to UGX 426M.
Prize Monies announced for FUFA’s 10 Competitions
Champions, Cup Winners and rankings of other teams in the FUFA Competitions will be rewarded with cash prizes at the end of each football season.

The figures as broken down apply to the 2017/2018 season;

Breakdown-Cash Prizes in the Uganda Premier League


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