Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja’s life at risk as she receives threats

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has come out to inform that she has received threats on her life from unknown people.

According to Honourable Nabbanja, the unknown people that are threatening her life claim that she standing in the way of their deals and it is high time she stepped down or her life is online.

While speaking to media yesterday, she went on to inform that an unidentified individual had even approached her brother while he was at Kakumiro and asked him to relay a message to Nabbanja asking her what she wants.

“Someone travelled all the way to our country home in Kakumiro and told my brother to deliver the warning message to me,” Nabbanja said while speaking of one of the threats she has received on her life.

In relation to these threats, Nabbanja has promised to meet President Museveni about the matter seeing as it is a matter of life and death, she says she will not handle the matter lightly.

 “I will inform the Head of State, because if someone can drive from Kampala to Kakumiro to look for my brother, then I can not take that lightly,” Prime Minister Robinah disclosed in relation to her plans of meeting President Museveni.

Nabbanja’s disclose on the threats being made has come at a time when the Prime Minister had just rejected relief aid that was given to Kasese flood victims on grounds that they were sub-standard.

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Some of the items that were rejected include 40,000kgs of maize flour, 20,000kgs of beans, 2,000kgs of sugar, 2,000 tarpaulin, 1,350 jerricans, 1,000 basins,100 cartons of laundry soap, 1,000 mosquito nets, 100 blankets, and 100 mats.

Upon the rejection of the relief aid, Nabbanja said Kasese was not a dumping ground and therefore she could not allow the people of Kasese to receive such sub-standard items.

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