Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja pulls out snake fist and Buddha Palm as she hits the gym

If you really had plans of complaining to the powers above Nabbanja better think twice because you might invite yourself blows and kicks.

In the latest video shared online, the PM Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja can be seen pulling out the rare moves you have only seen “Muzeyi Kyansi” Wong Cheng Li teaching to Jackie Chan in Chinese movies.

By her age and weight, few people expected that the new PM could be so fit but she’s seen throwing a number of punches.

These are exercises that if the youth of these days try to throw, only bones will be picked up.

So before you think of making noise how you never got the 100k Nabbanja money, please think twice, maybe it wasn’t for you.

To could even end up having Irish potatoes (ebimonde) grow on your face just for complaining.

It should be noted that before she became PM, Nabbanja was once attacked while in her constituency and her face severely got injured.

It could have been the reason she started practicing martial arts.

Sorry to scare you that she was practicing to come after you in case you complain, you can go ahead and do so.

But bear in mind the one you will be complaining to doesn’t even do Martial arts but possess the whole armoury.

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