Prime Minister Nabbanja Bans Countrywide Vaccination Roadblocks

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Prime Minister Right Honorable Robinah Nabbanja has banned countrywide roadblocks forcing people to get vaccinated. Following the opening of the country’s transport sector, the Uganda Police Force has embarked on a countrywide system where they are forcing all unvaccinated road users to get vaccinated at various road blocks that have been put up.

Although various vaccination campaigns have been ran in the country previously, a number of Ugandans are still skeptical about the vaccine and have chosen not to take the jab but rather come up with mechanisms to help them fight off covid-19.

In order to drive more Ugandans to get vaccinated, the Uganda Police has chosen to use coercion as a perfect mechanism to have more people receive the vaccine.

Therefore, various vaccination points have been put up on many national roads in the country and in order for you to cross the road block, you must prove that you have been vaccinated or else, you will forced to get vaccinated.

This is against the law as the vaccination process is supposed to be out of one’s will and not coercion. While receiving the vaccine, willing persons are reminded that they are fully responsible for the likely side effects of the drug upon their health.

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Meaning in case the drug has a reverse impact one’s health, then the Government of Uganda is liable as the person was forced into the jab by the Police which is one of the government’s security bodies.

Hence this explains why the Prime Minister has banned these mandatory vaccination road blocks so in case you are caught up in one, you could easily oppose the practice and report the coercion to concerned persons.

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