President Uhuru stops his Speech during Magufuli’s funeral, Here is Why

President Uhuru stops his Speech during Magufuli’s funeral, Here is Why

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta surprised mourners at Dodoma Stadium during Magufuli’s funeral when he paused his address for about two minutes… According to Pulse, President Uhuru immediately paused his address as soon as a Muslim prayer call recitation started from a nearby mosque…

The crowd was left in total shock as they didn’t know what exactly had happened to Uhuru… However, when it got done, he [Uhuru Kenyatta] resumed his speech thus getting an appreciation from the crowd with an applause… With this move, a lot of Kenyan social media in-laws more so those from twitter started talking…

Dennis Nyambane: “President Uhuru Kenyatta ni bonge la kiongozi. That was respectful of uhuru to pause as the muslims nearby were praying in Dodoma, Tanzania”.

Lawrence Baraza: “So President Uhuru Kenyatta paused his speech at the late Magufuli’s farewell ceremony when he heard prayers from a nearby mosque in Dodoma….Very respectful of our President.”

Jalilu Zaid: “What a CLASS ACT by President Uhuru Kenyatta. He stopped talking the moment he heard the Islamic Call to Prayers (Adhan)”.

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Doreen Majala: “Salute to H.E The President! I felt the humility and respect of religion even though am not Muslim.”

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