President Museveni meeting with stakeholders only hope for private pharmacies in public hospitals

President Museveni

Private pharmacies in public hospitals are holding onto a meeting meant to be held between President Museveni and stakeholders as their only hope to keep operating.

On 30th September 2019, President Museveni passed a directive for all private pharmacies operating within public hospitals to be shutdown citing the fact that they were selling drugs meant for public hospitals.

At the time the directive was passed, the National Drug Authority shut down some of the private pharmacies at public hospitals like Eco pharmacy at Kiruddu hospital as well as good life pharmacy at Kawempe hospital.

However, Mr. James Wilson Tamale the head of regions at National Drug Authority informed that the only reason as to why the directive was delayed was because of a meeting meant to be held between the stakeholders and president Museveni.

“This means that NDA could not close private pharmacies operating in public hospitals until the President has held a meeting with stakeholders regarding the issue,” informed Mr. Tamale to a local publication.

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Nearly every public hospital is the country has a pharmacy operating on it’s premises. These include hospitals such as Mulago National Referral Hospital, Kawempe hospital, Kiruddu hospital e.t.c.

Uganda’s public hospitals are faced with many challenges as at one time it was reported that Kawempe hospital did not have the capacity to facilitate all babies born within the facility. Also, journalist Solomon Serwanja recently covered a story about “stealing from the sick,” which exposed many loopholes in the health sector.

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