President Museveni eulogies Professor Anthony Mbonye

Professor Anthony Mbonye

President Museveni has come out to write an emotional message about the fallen Professor Anthony Mbonye who died today’s morning.

While speaking of the untimely death, President Museveni described it as a disappointment not only for the medical sector where the professor worked but also for the country at large.

Professor Anthony Mbonye had before his sudden death worked as the acting director for general health services which explains the reason as to why the President was greatly sorrowed by the death of the Professor.

The unfortunate death comes at a time when the country is struggling to maneuver through the severe impacts of the deadly coronavirus disease which has greatly affected the medical sector.

Many health workers have been overwhelmed with a work burden thanks to the fact that there are insufficient medical personnel to handle the ever-growing numbers of people suffering from the virus.

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Due to this, it would be really sad for especially medical-related personnel to die at such a time when more lives are being lost and many lives need to be saved by the people in the medical profession.

Unfortunately, more and more medical personnel are seen to die on a daily basis which only worsens the condition for our health sector since the medical personnel are required during times such as these.

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