President Museveni and wife drive Twitter into a frenzy with love

Whoever created love really invented the most amazing discovery there is or will ever be.

This is because it even makes those who don’t seem vulnerable weak.

Twitter was today sent into a frenzy after the first lady and husband Yoweri Kaguta Museveni drove each other into a love fantasy.

This followed Sevo’s birthday which is celebrated every 15th of September.

First lady Janet first tweeted wishing her baby daddy the best of the days and praying for his health.

Birthday boy Sevo then retweeted his wife message saying everyday he thanks God for giving him the previous gift his wife is.

Sevo then told his wife how she’s his best friend, life companion and darling and looks to reach 100 years together with her.

This drew reactions of different kinds from the followers most of whom didn’t know Jjaja had such love.

Happy 77th birthday to you Mr President.

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