President Museveni Addresses Nation about Gen Katumba’s attempted assassination

General Katumba Wamala and Museveni

The nation today woke up to shocking news of how unknown assailants almost claimed the life of Minister of works and transport Gen Katumba Wamala.

The four assailants who were riding on two black motorcycles shot at the general’s car four times killing his daughter Brenda Nantongo and the driver.

Wamala however survived together with his bodyguard and was rushed to Mulago hospital for emergency medical care. A lot of government officials reached out to give addresses about the general’s life.

The President has also chimed in to give his views about the whole incident. The president lashed out with his favorite word at the assailants calling them pigs. He said he had talked to the general twice on phone and he was fine.

The president added by saying that Gen Katumba”s body guard should not have shot in the air. He rather would have shot with an aim to kill these murderers.

However, this is not the first time high profile officials in the country have been assassinated. People like AIGP Felix Kaweesi, Muhammad Kirumira, Muhammad Kiggundu, Joan Kagezi have all been assassinated in such a manner.

Police has never come out with a full detailed report about these heartless killings which leaves people with many doubts.

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