Poverty levels deepen with the presence of Covid-19 in Uganda

Poverty levels deepen with the presence of Covid-19 in Uganda

Due to the lengthy covid-19 lockdown, poverty levels or the number of poor Ugandans rose from 8 million Ugandans to 8.3 Ugandans.

Basing on the survey conducted by Uganda National Household Survey 2019/20, the 300,000 increase in poor Ugandans was most noted in the three regions of Busoga, Bukedi and Acholi sub-region.

The Uganda Bureau of Statistics conducted survey shows that during the 2019/20 survey, Ugandans living number the poverty line rose from an initial 19% to 22% as instigated by the impact of the lockdown.

Among the regions most affected regions, Busoga registered the highest number of poor Ugandans standing at 14%, Bukedi came second at 10.4% while the Acholi sub-region registered upto 10.3% of poor Ugandans.

Aside from regional basis, the survey also points out that the poverty levels in rural areas is also at a very rate especially in places such as Karamoja, Acholi, Bukedi and Busoga sub-regions.

In figurative representations, Acholi sub-region has 65.7% of her population as poor while Karamoja comes second as a 65.7% stand followed by Lango with 27.8% and finally Kigezi standing at 23.4% of poor people.

As for other regions, North Buganda has 13.8% of her population as poor people while Elgon and Ankole have a 13.2% poor population, 21.8% of people in Tooro subregion are poor compared to Bunyoro’s 9.8%. Buganda South is 6.9% poor while Kampala has 1.6% poor people.

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The survey indicates that by 2020, the number of poor Ugandans had dropped to 20.3% from 2017’s stand at 21.4% and according to the International Monetary Fund, this could be attributed to Covid-19 which diminished efforts that has previously been made to create more wealth for the country.

Our question to you is, what can the government to decrease on the level of poverty in Uganda?

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